As a Technology company we realise that all the solutions must start from the needs of human and also end up to give the solutions to human. So that’s why we really focus to our customers as human and give them the result and satisfaction using our products and services.

Security Solution

With Security Solution that provided by HVS Group, will make you feel secure for everyone who want to take everything you have. 

Security Solution in HVS Group is covering: Hardware, Software, and Alarm Anti-Vandalism System. With that combination will make your Security System more powerfull than you ever had.

Installation & Maintenance

Our team are not only serves the procurement of goods, but also our team is ready to do the installation (installation) and also maintenance. Installation and Maintenance aims to ensure that assets owned by your company are able to function properly and remain in optimal care. So as to avoid the occurrence of errors and things that are not desired

Luxriot VMS Software

We have taken the best from our experience of working on thousands of projects around the globe, and we have perfected it according to the latest technological trends and the needs of today’s customers. If you require a complete video management ecosystem, Luxriot Evo offers

both outstanding service experience and a superior value for money.


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