PT. Hebros was founded in 2011 in Jakarta, established with the aim of providing information technology solutions to every company in Indonesia. With the knowledge and skills of all our staff and with the accompaniment of enthusiasm and great determination of PT.Hebros Management to lead, this time PT. Hebros has grown and developed into a leading IT solutions company in Indonesia.

​Hebros is a company engaged in the IT Security System and System Integrator with offices in Jakarta. PT. Hebros provides Professional Services such as Consultation, Sizing, Analysis, Installation, Maintenance, and After Sales services to meet customer needs, not only limited to the needs of offices, factories or property, but we also serve the needs of the public. PT. Hebros can provide CCTV Solutions, Networking, Command Centers, Meeting Rooms, Data Centers, Access Controls, to Audio Video Professionals.

​Hebros also provides maintenance services for Security System (CCTV) products for the Building and ATM with excellent service, so it is very helpful in maintaining the quality of the products and services we offer. Why do you have to choose PT. Hebros? Because we are experts and experienced in the field of IT Security System and System Integrator so they can meet according to customer needs. Not only that, we continue to make the latest innovations in accordance with the changing times and provide updated services.