Luxriot EVO

We have taken the best from our experience of working on thousands of projects around the globe, and we have perfected it according to the latest technological trends and the needs of today’s customers. If you require a complete video management ecosystem, Luxriot Evo offers both outstanding service experience and a superior value for money. Over the years, Luxriot professional team has been driven by a commitment

to precision and innovation, as well as a determination to deliver only top- quality results to our clients.


Today we are proud to present to you the latest outcome of our endeavours: combining new opportunities with Luxriot’s excellence at implementation.

Luxriot EVO Modules :

Luxriot LPR Module

Luxriot LPR is software for detecting, recognising and registering vehicle license plates

It offers a very high level of reading reliability, an intuitive installation process and great ....

Luxriot FR Module

Luxriot Face Recognition is a biometric application that

is designed to work with Luxriot Evo S and Global editions ...

Luxriot VCA Module

Luxriot VCA is a real-time video analytics engine that utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence

At the core of the product is an advanced object ...

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