Luxriot VCA Module

Luxriot VCA is a real-time video analytics engine that utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence

At the core of the product is an advanced object tracking engine that continually tracks moving and stationary targets. Easy to set up, Luxriot VCA automatically adjusts

to site conditions, making it ideal for both experienced and untrained personnel to use.

Along with detection zones and counting lines; automation of your system goes a step beyond with our Video Content Analysis filters.

Available Filters

  • Counting (people and object counting)

  • Camera Tamper Detection

  • Presence filter

  • Enter/Exit filters

  • Appear/Disappear filters

  • Speed filter

  • Object class filter

  • Direction filter

  • Dwell filter

  • Tailgating filter

  • Abandoned/Removed object filter

  • On-screen counters

  • Meta data

  • Live surveillance

  • Configuration by 3D Grid

  • Luxriot data mining

Key Features:

- High performance tracking engine with low error rate;

- Live Overlay for channels displaying markers over moving objects

- Easy to use User Interface for setup, monitoring and data retrieval;

- Simultaneous multiple video streams processing.

Luxriot VCA Software Features:


  • Data Mining for post event analysis and data management

  • VCA adapts automatically to varying lighting and weather conditions

  • Sensitive tracking with a low false alarm rate

  • Simple detection zone set-up

  • VCA enabled encoder/camera can be used as a stand-alone intruder sensor or digital output contact can be set to react to specific triggers

  • Analytics stabilization allows software to work effectively on swaying cameras

  • VCA fits many market segments without modifications

  • Rapid 'learning time' of just a few seconds. Can be used with PTZ cameras – detection is suppressed during camera movement

  • VCA is very easy and simple to configure even for installers with limited experience

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