HVS Group was founded in Jakarta in 2011, established with the aim of providing information technology solutions for every company in Indonesia. With the knowledge and skills of our entire staff and the enthusiasm, commitment and great determination of management, Hebros has grown and developed into a formidable IT solutions company in Indonesia.

HVS Group is a company engaged in IT Security and Systems Integration with offices in Jakarta. We offer Professional Services such as Consulting, Sizing, Analysis, Installation, Maintenance and Post-Sales Services to meet customer needs, not only for offices, factories or commercial properties, but we also serve the needs of the public sector. HVS Group can provide CCTV and Networking Solutions, Command Centers, Meeting Rooms, Data Centers, Access Controls to IT/Audio Video Professionals.

Why should you choose HVS Group? The answer is simple. We are experts and have extensive experience in the field of IT Security Systems and Systems Integration. Our team strives to provide excellent service for our customers. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your security requirements.


     Technology can help a human to do their job easier, faster, and correct.


     Human Value Solution is the way to put a human in priority as Individual or Team who need  to appreciate more than technology.


    An Employee and work partner are the part who need to take a job statisfaction so they can give a statisfaction to the customers.

     With that 3 combination things, make a HVS Group stand to Human values to take an advantage of technology to give a statisfaction to customers, employees, work partner, and Owner.


• Become a company that give a highest statisfaction to corporate customers in technology solution that proper to customer needs.

• Give a services that that focus on fastest and do the right things.

• Give a wellfare to the Owner, Management, and All Employees.

Our team provides professional services to realize your company's IT targets.

Our team is strengthened by IT technicians and practitioners who already have extensive experience in the IT field. With these main strengths, we can help you to realize your company's target in the IT field.

We provide several services including:

  • IT managed services which include: IT Network, CCTV maintenance, data center solutions and command center.

  • Professional consultation on network infrastructure, IT office equipment and IT Datacenter, Professional Audio Video and software development.

  • Procurement of IT equipment and other office equipment using trusted brands.

With more than 10 years, our company has had quite a long experience in the IT Solution field. And during that time we have served our customers very well. Every obstacle experienced by our customers, we have been able to handle it in a professional manner

For 10 years HVS Group was founded. We already have more than 10 large customers in Indonesia, such as Metro TV, Bank Bukopin Tbk, Wartsila, and many more. With the confidence of the customers who have chosen us, we always try our best to provide the best service.

HVS Group
Jl Raden Inten II No 7 Duren Sawit Jakarta Timur 13440 Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 22982571

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